Roofing and Building Supplies

Roofing and Building Materials 

Christies carry a selection of basic building and roofing materials for repair and maintenance work. Our stock range is designed to complement our main product lines (stove and chimney products) and is aimed at small users of building materials.

Our Building Range Includes:

  • Cement and Aggregates
  • Plaster
  • Building Chemicals
  • Insulation
  • Tools and site Supplies

Our Roofing Range Includes:

  • Cast Iron, Aluminium and Plastic Gutters
  • Bitumen Roof Coating
  • Roof Sheets and Flashings
  • LPG Equipment
  • LPG Gas ( propane and butane)
  • Roof Flashings

Special Fabrications - Closing 28th March

All types of metal cut to size, no job too small. Specials are regarded as a welcome challenge and the prompt provision of purpose made items to solve site problems is an essential part of Christie’s sheet metalwork service.

Examples of custom fabrications

  • Gutters & Rainwater systems or alterations to gutters (curved gutters to fit round turrets or architectural features are common jobs).
  • Flashings or Trims
  • Roof Hatch Recovers
  • Soakers and Ventilators
  • Splashbacks or Wall Cladding
  • Channels, Angles
  • Boxes, Trays
  • Kickplates, Handplates, Threshold Angles and Bullnoses.
  • Chimney Gathers, Register plates, Debris Plates.

NOTE: We do not carry out site work or measurements

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