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457mm adjustable Pipe Length - 125mm IL Twin Wall Gas Flue

457mm adjustable Pipe Length - 125mm IL Twin Wall Gas Flue

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Twin-wall gas vent system constructed with an aluminium liner protected by an outer casing of Zalutite. The air gap between the outer casing and inner lining insulates the vent and ensures a strong draught in the flue. This minimises both condensation

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  • This gas vent is suitable for gas appliances with flue gas temperatures not exceeding 250 degrees c and with a rated input not exceeding 70 kw. (Typically in domestic and small commercial installations).
  • commonly used for radiant fires, LFE (Live Fuel Effect) fires, stoves, cookers, domestic boilers and small commercial boilers. If in doubt consult your appliance manufacturers instructions or speak to a qualified Corgi fitter.
  • Adjustable lengths are available in two sizes to ensure that an exact required vent length can be obtained.


All lengths and fittings are designed to be installed with the male coupling uppermost. The female end on the adjustable length is slipped over the male end of the proceeding length providing an adjustment of between 75mm and 356mm. When the desired length is achieved use the clamping band with strap fitting to secure to the bottom of the length. Use gas PRS10 tape to seal the female end.


Aluminium, Galvanised Steel

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