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Colt Top Flex Liner Cowl

Colt Top Flex Liner Cowl

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Internal Diameter

Connects to Chimney Liner and Chimney Pot without having to first remove pot. The design of this anti downdraught chimney cowl harnesses the wind force around the chimney to produce a positive upward draught which ensures that smoke and gasses are drawn up the flue. This design therefore helps with any smoke blowback problems. The chimney cowl also prevents rain and snow entry, ventilates when not in use and reduces condensation.


  • A new product from Colt is this Colt Top Flexi Liner Cowl available as a stainless steel chimney liner cowl. It can be installed onto flexible flue liner without the need to remove the chimney pot. Strap fittings included.
  • Excellent Anti-downdraught Cowl and for preventing rain entry.
  • This cowl comes in red only
  • This Colt Chimney Flex Liner Cowl does not come with a Birdguard.
  • A Birdguard can be added if using with gas appliances. Please contact us for additional cost.


Video link for installation instructions https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YOXOMVi4s_A


316 Grade Stainless Steel

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