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Multi-fuel Flexible Chimney Liner - 180mm

Multi-fuel Flexible Chimney Liner - 180mm

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Double skinned 316 grade stainless steel flue liner which is rolled and seamed together to form a smooth inner liner and a corrugated outer skin. .


  • Only use to reline an existing masonry stack
  • Suitable for wood, coal, smokeless fuel, stoves, room-heaters, boilers and cookers. Gas Decorative Fuel Effect Fires (DFE) or 35 sec oil appliances (diesel or gas oil). If in doubt contact the appliance manufacturers for suitability.
  • Flue gas temperatures must not exceed 500 deg c.
  • Whilst not essential, it is recommended that after lining, the chimney be back filled with insulation (vermiculite) particularly on tall or exposed chimney stacks.


Attach a nose cone and guide rope to the liner and feed it into the top of the chimney whilst a second person pulls it through from below. Ensure that the arrow markings on the liner point upwards. Be careful not to snag or stretch liner. Secure the bottom of the liner to an appliance connector or gather hood with fire cement. Secure the top of the liner to a top plate and top clamp or the chimney pot adaptor.


316 Grade Stainless Steel

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