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Black Vitreous Stove Pipe - 45 deg bend - 130mm

Black Vitreous Stove Pipe - 45 deg bend - 130mm

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A high grade steel pipe with vitreous enamel coating applied to both inside and outside surfaces

Dimensions (mm)(in)


  • Bends are used to change direction or used in pairs can create offsets to avoid an obstacle, such as a building lintel. It is not recommended that you use angles less than 135 deg’s (also known as a 45 deg bend) in your natural draught system eg 90 deg bends are not recommended).
  • Designed for internal use for up to 1.8m from the heating appliance to connect up with the main flue or chimney to provide a neat, attractive and highly durable finish.
  • Suitable for use on gas, oil, solid fuel and wood burning appliances
  • Typically used on stoves, cookers and boilers.


All components come with a plain end and fluted end. Install the pipe with the plain end uppermost. Slip the fluted joint of the next component into the plain end of the preceeding component. The unique push fit joint requires no fire cement or fixings to seal. However the exception is when connecting a component to the appliance. This joint needs sealed with fire cement.


Mild Steel Vitreous Enamelled

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