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TI 30 deg Elbow Bend - 130mm

TI 30 deg Elbow Bend - 130mm

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A twin wall insulated chimney system component.  Inner wall 316L and outer wall stainless steel with a 30mm cavity between filled with high density mineral wool.  Each component comes complete with a locking band for installation.  This component is used to provide offsets or bends.


  • Typical application would include all solid fuel. gas, oil and pellet heating appliances . ideally suited for operating temperature up to 450 deg centigrade


All lengths and fittings are designed to be installed with the male coupling uppermost. Each component is provided with a simple interlocking bayonet coupling which is pushed into the female end of the next component and secured with the locking band provided. The angle on this component is fixed at 45 degrees and cannot be adjusted.



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